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Retrohandz & First Gift - Blazing Heart

A new collaboration between Retrohandz & First Gift that incorporates elements from classic electro, Melbourne bounce, and jungle terror.


Meet Our Artists

  • Candyland
    Santa Barbara, California


  • Kayzo
    Los Angeles, California

    Kayzo is a Houston born, LA based, multi genre DJ and producer. The 21 year old has already had some of his unreleased work featured in Candyland’s recent sets, and we’re looking forward to the music he’ll be putting out in the future.

    Los Angeles, California

    Revoke is a Hollywood native, and at 19 years old is already changing the game with his own brutal brand of bass music. In the past 4 years, he’s drawn from a wide array of inspiration; artists like Noisia, and KOAN Sound have influence the Revoke style individually.


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